Our Story

Our Story

Spicy and Ginger (Prik-King) is an Authentic Thai Food Restaurant demonstrating the modern Thai with the complete traditional way of Thai style cooking.

We cook meticulously giving our foods spicy, hot and mellow tastes perfect for everyone’s taste buds. All ingredients are from Thailand and carefully selected- fresh, high quality and safe for the consumers. Our foods are cooked by our experienced Thai Chefs who knows exactly what the essence of Thai food is all about making the Spicy and Ginger the best of its kind.

Thai cuisine is a mellow food which is composed of many tastes, useful and contains all high nutrition values. Some ingredients are herbs which encompasses the pharmacological activities such as alleviation, recovery of wound and cure an illness. Therefore, the Thai food is comparable to the intellect heritages. The older it gets it becomes even more valued and more popular globally.

The abundance of the Kingdom of Thailand supports almost Thais to relate with nature, crops and rice. There are fishes is the water and rice in the paddle fields. This combines with the creativity and meticulousness from our ancestors establish the unique and invaluable food recipes which are admired by various nations.

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